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    T-mon Fashion Film – ‘Her’

    Drama Production Apollo Pictures Participates Launching of Fashion Brand ‘Her’ of T-mon as Executive Director Role.

    Fashion brand ‘Her’ launching was the first attempt at social commerce industry. It would show us high-quality products that are differentiated in every season at a reasonable price. This season, T-Mon has collaborated with ‘The Reborn Process’, born in Soho, New York by global top model Kang Seung-hyun, stylist Yoon Ae-rhee, and film director Ray. When ‘The Reborn Process’ started in New York at first, it was a small boutique, with unique concept, which creates one-of-a kind item by reinterpreting vintage costumes from U.S.A and Europe. ‘The Reborn Process’ has grown up as contemporary brand which could be found easily at department stores and multi-shops in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Berlin. Fashion film ‘Her’ was filmed in main stronghold town New York. Top model Kang Seung-hyun participated in this fashion film to celebrate the launch.

    Apollo Pictures has produced SNS dramas such as and with keen expectation that social network services (SNS) would be new communication tools for films. In similar context, Apollo Pictures has participated in T-Mon fashion brand ‘Her’ launching as executive director.